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Linda Natera

Linda Natera is a yoga instructor in Austin Texas. She was born in the coastal city of Veracruz, Mexico . Where she grew up with an affinity for nature, culture and family.

Linda discovered her first hot yoga class in 2013 and instantly fell in love with yoga. She immediately noticed a difference in her body, mood and energy level and realized the life changing benefit of the practice of yoga. She then less than a year after her first class, decided to further her yoga training in a more immersive environment. She enrolled in training at Sacred Roots Yoga School in Austin , Texas under the supervision of Steven Ross, and graduated in 2015. 

Linda is a licensed RYT-200 through Yoga Alliance. Linda teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga and Yoga en Espanol .
She is an Ambassador for “Accessible Yoga” that focuses on sharing its benefits with anyone who currently doesn’t have access to these teachings, focusing on communities that have been excluded. 

Linda most recently became a facilitator of a worldwide network Mujeres Que Despiertan created by Laura Moreno. This is a group for those who want to reconcile with their own nature, remembering who they are by accepting and honoring womanhood, awakening the power of feminine love on the planet.

In 2016 she was selected to teach yoga at the first young woman’s conference for AISD “Ladies of Distinction” and was invited back for 2017 conference. The program aims to promote, help and bring awareness to young women within AISD facing adversity and overcoming challenges.

Linda currently is working as a bilingual Yoga teacher for WeViva a non-profit that promotes health and wellness to low-income communities throughout Austin. Its aim is to remove the barriers that the community (mainly women) face when making the decision to prioritize their wellness.
Her focus is on sharing the practice of Yoga to the community, by making it accessible to anyone who chooses to practice. Her aim is to have fun and unite people in the community through her practice