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Judy Mirabai Hubbell

City College of San Francisco
Older Adults Department Chair
San Francisco, CA
Judy Hubbell (Mirabai). B.S., M.S. the Juilliard in Voice. Judy presently teaches Accessible Yoga, T’ai Chi Chih, Breath and Vocal Resonance to seniors through City College of San Francisco’s Mind Body classes (Older Adults Department). She sees her work as that of helping others develop the connection between the breath, voice, body, and mind by bridging these various modalities. The power of feeling the resonant voice is felt through the connection to the exhale, using the principles of classical singing and Italian pure vowels. This can be applied to the ancient 6 Healing Sounds from China, or in moving and grounding energy in a weight shift, as well as OM: a-o-um. By learning how to use the diaphragmatic breath, students learn more fully the power of ancient yoga pranayama practices, how to feel the breath move the breath using 5 basic weight shifts, and the power of the “Energy Sea” at the T’an Tien lower abdominal area. Learning breath expansion, contraction principles, and how to resonate the voice empowers older adults in a society where they are often ignored. Calmness and inner peace are also the aims of her teaching. Relaxing and grounding take time to understand. As one takes a movement forward and back, whether in the seated Sun Salutation or for the Warrior, exploring the lines of energy in the body becomes a way of noticing and feeling the chi or prana move to the fingers or toes. ¶ Judy’s teaching is grounded in her training as a professional musician, as well as in classical Hatha Yoga. She connects this with the practice of T'ai Chi Chih in her Mind Body Classes for Seniors. She also feels strongly the need to build a community that is diverse in every way possible, and enjoys the yin-yang stresses and resolutions of a long life of teaching and learning with many communities throughout San Francisco. She has maintained a consistent and evolving personal practice of exploration of holistic health modalities and the possibility of exploring many paths of learning beyond Music and Voice for a long time. Certifications* and studies in 11 holistic disciplines as a teacher 1986-2017: Mindfulness*, Meditation*, Raja Yoga*, Hatha I*, II*, III, Therapeutic Yoga*, Accessible Yoga*, Meditation*, Qi Gong, and T’ai Chi Chih*. Most recently Judy has been interested in teaching others the possibilities of bridging Eastern practices with Western thought, which includes the art of improvisation and the belief that anything is possible if you dare to think out of the box! She presently serves as Department Chair for the Older Adults Department. While our department is inter-disciplinary and based at Mission Center, there are 21 faculty members who serve seniors aged 55-to 102 at 27 sites and 7 campuses in San Francisco. Our purpose is to build community and Life Long Learning in this city.